Monday, 23 June 2014

IJ-Hallen Fleamarket...

So when booking your trip to Amsterdam some times it's worth checking what's going on over those days. That is of course as long as your trip isn't just about drinking and smoking the magic fumes!!! Any who, if like me you're an avid vintage shopper then I urge you to check out IJ-Hallen Fleamarket. It is the single most biggest market in Europe. It's held in the giant old NDSM shipbuilding warehouse and as long as the weather is nice you will find rows of stalls inside and outside. Boasting bric-a-brac, clothing, antiques, and general junk, but there are gems to be found. And if nothing else you can at least enjoy the free ferry over to the Noord, catch this outside the Central Station, the trip takes about 10 minutes and the views are to die for. Just be careful how close you stand to the edge, a Titanic moment might sound romantic but the odd splash of water isn't!!!

The building seems to be undergoing some work but this just adds to the effect of the whole atmosphere. Some buildings are covered in graffiti, little kiosks selling pancakes, sandwiches and fries are dotted just at the right intervals. (Where hangover has reached feed me levels!!!) 
I will admit I came away empty handed but vintage shopping is an art form, it takes major rummaging and with partner in tow this just wasn't going to happen!!!Xxx

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