Sunday, 1 June 2014

My Summer Wardrobe...

This coming season may not yet feel so summery like, more like Fall/Spring. You can just never judge the British weather. Having said this, if you choose your daily destinations wisely you can still dress the exact way you want. Indoors, shopping centres, play gyms, the outfits can still be top of the list. Here is a rundown of what I am channelling this season.

Now I have been wearing ripped jeans for the past year and I shall never tire of them, from day to eve they are just so versatile.mhead to Topshop for some great looks and prices. My Topshop Boutiques are currently reigning supreme with the rips getting bigger everytime I wear them. But the bigger the better in my book!

Worn so simply yet looking so chic. From subtle knee slits to thigh and calf showing rips. Choose your look and show off some leg!!!

Next comes the florals. Shirts, blazers, dresses, they're all in. Chelsea Flower Show (the most recent inspiration in fashion) showed us all kinds of florals in their displays and on the catwalks. My love came way back in 2009 when H&M did some fabulous oversized shirts and I instantly fell in love. With white blazers, jeans, leather trousers or as a dress with a bow around the neck, they are just so
girly and pretty. SJP made me (yes, made me!!!) purchase a long floral blazer. She wears one in Mirandas weather with a full skirt and that is the very look I will be going for when I visit Amsterdam on Wednesday!  

Not forgetting the maxi this season. Be it sheer and light or heavy with ample reams of thick material, either are sure to wow! Team with chunky heels or ankle boots (my personal favourite) or dress down   With sneakers or converse for a real downtown look.

Print and leather look so amazing together, I think I would be pairing my studded sneaks with this! Come rain or shine the maxi will be out in full force this summer. 

Then of course my most favourite accessory. The trilby. Indeed there are other faves, my YSL and Chanel gold earrings, heavy bangles and multiple rings. But with Brit weather being so predictable 
you always need a cover up if the clutch bag just isn't big enough for the umbrella to fit. 

Trilbys keep the hair in tact and look amazing with any of the above and more. Straw or felt, you have to be seen with one this season. Topshop and Zara have a verrrrry nice selection. So don't miss out!!!Xxx

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