Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The American Book Center...

So today I found my little haven in Amsterdam. No, no it wasn't Zara (I believe their sale may be starting today so that will be my paradise in just a few short hours) it was actually a bookshop! Yes I know I used to stay away from these even when i was doing my English degree. Opting to spend my student loan on clothes and bags instead of on actual books! But I was young and carefree and I still graduated which is definitely the main thing! Isn't it??! Anyhow, I digress. I had already found where I was going to be buying my many magazines from, a quaint little shop on the corner of Spui. Every magazine going in every language, of course I bought one in Dutch to help me learn the language a little quicker. Next door to this stands The American Book Center, magazines filling racks from floor to ceiling, wall to every wall. It was astounding, I was actually quite taken aback. The Fashion section gave Waterstone's a run for its money that's for sure! Louis Vuitton books, Parisian Chic, StreetStyle, The Sartorilaist, McQueen, just far too many to mention. Books on bloggers, blogging, photography, America...well I had to simply tear myself out of the place! If you have magazine/book/anything addiction then this is the place to be. I will definitely be visiting again today...oops. The book just fell to the cashpoint and money fell out of my purse...honest!!!Xxx


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