Thursday, 19 June 2014

Zara Sale Has Landed...

I should really be banned from all shops!!! As we all know, sale season has arrived and I am living in a brand new city where the locals have incredible dress sense. Plus its tourist time of the year which means the streets, or rather straats, are a flood with people of all nationalities wanting to get their hands on bargains aplenty. And there are plenty of them to be had. Zara was positively bustling today, probably the busiest shop I visited. And I can quite honestly say that I could have bought everything I saw. Leaving without bags was a pretty hard task. Having said this I was reminded of previous buys (largely unworn) so home i came to try again and I fell in love with them all over. It's like I actually went shopping without having to spend any money!!! Big B will be happy! However, I tell a small lie, I did leave Zara Home with a bag, two fabulous cushions with feather edging! Lovely for my new home. I am preparing B for a return trip on the weekend to deck the house out! Perfect!!!

Another shop worth visiting is deBijenkorf. I had to skim and leave pretty sharpish, for if I'd have had a credit card it would have probably been maxed out on exit! Bags, bags and more bags, Fendi, Gucci, Valentino. 1st floor brought me Kenzo, Cos, Katrantzou...and then of course I made it to the home section. Gosh, I've changed!!! Now I shall await seeing peoples buys on Instagram and such like! Speaking of Instagram, if you would like to follow me, do so at queen_bee_cult!!!Xxx

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